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By Angela Medbery
RMC Pesticides Committee

Cropduster spraying pesticides
Cropduster spraying pesticides
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

One in 30 households surveyed in 1976 reported they or someone in their household had experienced dizziness, nausea,headache or vomiting, which they attributed to pesticides. Today many of us are concerned about exposures that may cause long-term health and environmental effects.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Pesticides Committee seeks input from those of you who have had pesticide concerns in the past decade. We want to document as many experiences as possible in all categories. We need to know the following things:

  • What happened or what concerns you?
  • When did it happen?
  • Did you see a doctor?
  • Did you call an official to report the concern/problem? 
  • Did the Poison Center assist you?
  • What was the remedy? 
  • Are there changes you would like to see in Colorado’s pesticide laws?     

Please contact either Angela Medbery at 303-433-2608, angela.medbery@rmc.sierraclub.org, 2205 Meade Street, Denver, CO 80211, or Indian Peaks Group member Cosima Kreuger-Cunningham at cardamomseed@aol.com.

The last decade of the Colorado Pesticide Applicators Act is under review by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs. All assistance is appreciated.

You may also wish to join our Sierra Club list serve by going to http://www.rmc.sierraclub.org/listserv.shtml.

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