Your input needed on Pesticide Applicators Act

By Angela Medbery
RMC Pesticides Committee

Cropduster spraying pesticides
Cropduster spraying pesticides
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Work continues on the review of the Pesticide Applicators Act. Your input on pesticide applications and their enforcement would be appreciated. Consider the following questions:

  • Would you like your neighbors to inform you before they spray?
  • When the mosquito spray truck comes down your street, can you prevent your property from being sprayed?
  • Would you like to see less mosquito fogging for mosquitoes and more larviciding of breeding grounds?
  • Are you unable to put signs on your property to prevent the right-of-way weed spray trucks on your property because of local ordinances or HOA rules?
  • Has your organic garden been accidently exposed to pesticides for whatever reason? What could/should have been done differently?
  • Do you think hotels and restaurants should post signs if they have sprayed public or living areas?
  • Regarding neighboring organic and conventional farm pest management who should provide the buffer between the pesticide sprays and the organic crops?
  • Does your homeowners association force the land abutting your dwelling to be sprayed along with everyone else’s even though you request otherwise? Would you prefer otherwise?
  • Some homeowners associations may forbid xeriscaping or the sight of dandelions on properties. How does this impact your lifestyle or health?
  • Where do you obtain information on tree, weed, bedbug, and other pest controls?
  • In the past 10 years have you had annoying, health impacting, or other damage from pesticide spray jobs in Colorado? How did you deal with it? What changes would you like to see?

We seek you input so we can present the concerns of our members to those who will be rewriting our pesticide laws? You can e-mail to, send a letter to the Sierra Club office at 1536 Wynkoop Street, 4-B, Denver, CO 80202, or phone 303-433-2608 with comments.

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