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End mountaintop removal mining once and for all

Right now, there are dozens of pending permits for new mountaintop removal coal mines. If these new mines get approved, it will mean more people get sick and more mountains get destroyed. It's time to let the Obama administration know we're tired of witnessing the destruction of our climate, tired of seeing families get sick from mining pollution, and we're tired of seeing our mountains -- and our communities -- vanish.

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Dear President Obama,

I urge your administration to take action to stop the most destructive form of energy extraction in America: mountaintop removal coal mining.

Recent, peer-reviewed science shows that mountaintop removal coal mining increases risk of serious diseases such as birth defects, cancer, as well as cardiovascular disease mortality rates. Yet none of the agencies responsible for regulating mountaintop removal coal mining -- the Army Corps of Engineers, the EPA, or the Office of Surface Mining -- take this new science into account when issuing mining permits.

Our government should not allow types of coal mining that increase the risk of diseases such as cancer and birth defects. Please make sure that these agencies use the latest scientific information when considering mining permits.


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Mountaintop Removal Feeds the Climate Crisis and Kills Communities