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Re: North Carolina Solar Month

Dear Governor McCrory:

As residents of North Carolina, we write to encourage you to promote and recognize the contributions the solar energy sector has made to our state. 

Of the 30 utility-scale solar projects that were built in the Southeast in 2012, 21 were in North Carolina. That is more individual projects than in any other state in the US.[1]  With nearly 150 MW of installed solar capacity, North Carolina falls just one place shy of being on the list of top ten solar states per capita.[2]

This hasn’t happened by accident. The growth in the solar energy industry that our state has experienced in recent years is due entirely to policies designed to attract clean energy investors, manufacturers, and developers. It’s clear that those policies are producing real economic benefits for our state.

The clean energy industry has grown over the last five years, a boon to the state economy at a time when many sectors are struggling. A recent report by RTI, International and La Capra Associates found that the clean energy industry generated $3.7 billion in revenues between 2007 and 2012. And the increase in clean energy is keeping electricity rates lower than they would be otherwise; it is estimated that by 2026 clean energy will save $173 million for utility customers.

Recognizing the contributions that the solar industry has made to North Carolina, we respectfully ask you to proclaim one month of the summer to be heralded as “North Carolina Solar Month.”  Such a proclamation will not only signal North Carolina’s respect for the contributions the solar industry has made, but will signify that our state is open for business to other clean energy companies considering investing here.



The Undersigned




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