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In order to continue to fight for clean air and clean water, the Sierra Club-John Muir Chapter has 4 conservation committees. The committees assist our conservation work by helping create and implement campaign plans, organize events, and outreach to other members and volunteers. 

These include: 

  1. Water Sentinels: protects clean water by helping to pass legislation, fight Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFOs), monitor water, and protect the Great Lakes. 
  2. Beyond Coal to Clean Energy: Working to move Wisconsin beyond dirty coal to cleaner energy solutions, by fighting individual coal plants, promoting reduced consumption and the transition to renewable energy including solar, wind, and Great Lakes wind
  3. Beyond Oil through Clean Transportation: Leading the charge to reduce oil consumption by reducing demand (through mass transit and bicycling) and stopping out-of-control highway spending. 
  4. Mining Safeguards: Works to protect the Penokee Hills from the largest taconite mine in the world and create safeguards for sand mining
  5. Pipeline Protection: This NEW committee will work to protect Lake Superior from Enbridge’s dangerous proposal to build oil pipelines through Wisconsin and under the Great Lakes

If you are interested in joining one of the Conservation subcommittees, please fill out the application below and someone will follow-up with you:


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