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Big Picture: Help Obama Build Our Clean Energy Future
Take Action!
You are a critical piece of the Big Picture. We need volunteers like you to lead the campaign and build the grassroots base President Obama needs to make real change. Get involved today by participating in one of our current actions and watch this space for new ways to become a Climate Leader!

Protect Communities from Toxic Coal Ash

Right now communities across the country are exposed to heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and mercury when hazardous materials from coal ash disposal sites seep into our drinking water. The result -- increased risk of cancer, learning disabilities, birth defects and other illnesses.

Send a public comment to the EPA today!

Write a Letter to the Editor Calling for Coal Ash Regulation

Write a letter to the editors of your local papers and help us give the Obama Administration the public support it needs to move forward with a coal ash disposal rule and protect hundreds of communities across the country from toxic coal ash.

Send a letter to the editor today!

Protect Our Air from Hazardous Pollutants

Right now industrial workers and communities are exposed to toxic air pollution -- including mercury, hydrochloric acid, and dioxin -- from industrial and commercial boilers used to heat and power factories, campuses and industrial facilities around the country. But the EPA is working to change this by proposing new standards to limit hazardous pollutants. Help the EPA stand up to industry pressure and issue a strong final rule by sending a public comment before the August 3rd deadline.

Send a public comment today!

Join the Discussion 

We have a Climate Crossroads Group set up for volunteers to discuss the campaign, make suggestions, share stories, post pictures, create events, read blog posts, and much more!

Join the Big Picture group today!


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