Americans everywhere want to know how they can help.

What you can do today partly depends on your location and skills, but this disaster will not be over quickly -- ultimately, there will be many different ways to help.

Check out our links below for more to do, or sign up using our form to the right.

Important: Some activities are dangerous and require special training. Please do not go to affected areas or handle wildlife until you are part of a coordinated response. Even well-intentioned people can inadvertently interfere with recovery efforts.

Visit our BP Disaster homepage.

Ask President Obama to halt all proposals for more offshore oil drilling.

Host or attend a Clean It Up visibility event at a BP station in your community.

Download our BP Disaster Response factsheet (.pdf).

Donate and help the Sierra Club continue the fight for a clean-energy future.

Are you a Gulf Coast resident who can volunteer? Click here to register.

Not a resident of the Gulf Coast? Sign up below to stay informed about future opportunities.


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