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Nominate the Best and Worst Transportation Projects in the Country

The Sierra Club is looking for your ideas on the best and worst transportation projects across the country. Is there a destructive highway expansion planned in your neighborhood? Are there innovative transportation solutions happening in your town?

Ten years ago, the Sierra Club released a report that took a critical look at 49 transportation projects across the country to determine whether they were headed in the right direction for the 21st century. Now, in a new report, we're taking another look to see which transportation investments move us forward and which ones keep us stuck on fossil fuel.

Tell us which projects you think make the grade and which ones take us down the wrong path.

We're looking for projects in the works, ideas still on the books, and some recently built projects. Transit, roads and bridges, freight, or pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure everything is fair game!

Help us identify the "Bridges to Nowhere" and the "Paths to Success" in your neighborhood.

Deadline for submissions is March 16, 2012.

Please fill out the following nomination form for your project to be considered. Click here if you'd like to see an example.

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**Wondering where to find this information? A great place to start is your state's Department of Transportation (DOT) or your city's Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) websites. The US DOT site is another good place to start. When looking for environmental impacts check out your project's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or Environmental Assessment (EA). News articles and reports by non-governmental organizations are also good places to find information.

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