Purdue is about to invest $28 million into a plan that locks the university into a dirty, outdated and expensive coal-based energy system for decades to come, while so many other schools like Ball State are leading the nation with exciting and cost-saving clean energy technologies.  It’s your money, your school’s legacy and our future at stake. 

Tell President Cordóva that Purdue can do better with CHEAPER, CLEANER and INNOVATIVE alternatives to the campus coal proposal!


Thousands of students across the nation are working to move their campuses beyond coal.

Join them by signing the petition and letting your school's leaders know its time to make the shift.

To learn more, check out the Campuses Beyond Coal blog.

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Dear President Córdova,

Coal is dirty, dangerous and outdated. It pollutes our air and water and is the leading contributor to global warming, and it's holding us back from building a clean, prosperous energy future. We can do better by investing in 21st century clean energy solutions today.

Our nation and our campus need to take the lead and shift to clean, renewable energy sources that will drive a new energy economy, spur innovation and create jobs in these new industries. It can all start on campus by acting now to move beyond coal and power our schools with 100% clean energy solutions.


We apologize, but this action is no longer available. Please visit our Action Center for current opportunities: www.sierraclub.org/takeaction