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Write a Letter to the Editor of your Newspaper: Save RIPTA

The editorial pages of the newspaper are often the most widely-read pages of the paper, giving it a huge public audience. Decision-makers often read letters to the editor to get a sense of their constituencies' concerns. Luckily, it's never been easier to submit one, and below you will find contacts for more than thirty print and online papers.

You can help Rhode Island achieve an environmentally sensitive and economically competitive transportation system by writing a letter to the editor by following these three steps. Don't hesitate to send your letter to more than one of the media outlets below; the more, the merrier.

Step One: Click on the web form or email address of your newspaper of choice:


The Providence Journal letters@projo.com
The Newport Daily News Editor@NewportRI.com
The Westerly Sun Use this web form
The Pawtucket Times editor@pawtuckettimes.com
East Bay Newspapers Use the forms found here
South County Independent editorial@scindependent.com

Warwick Beacon/
Cranston Herald

Brown Daily Herald

Use this web form 

Southern RI Newspapers (Narr. Times/Standard Times/etc.) 

Use this web form

Patch (there are 14 in RI now!)

Find your local one here 
Providence Business News  editor@pbn.com 
Valley Breeze/The Observer editor@breezeobserver.com
Northeast Independent editorial@neindependent.com
ecoRI frank@ecori.org
The Good 5 Cent Cigar  Use this web form 
The College Hill Independent theindy@gmail.com


Step Two: Things to think about when writing your letter: By using the framework of "prosperity," "independence," and "freedom and choice" your message will be clear and irrefutable. Just remember to include your name and address in your letter. Most papers do not accept letters without your contact info, and they generally like to limit length to less than 400 words. So, be strong and concise and let them know who you are. Here are some talking points to consider.

  • Urgency: Rhode Island is second to last in the country in per capita investment in transportation. For the most part we rely on the perennially declining revenues of the gas tax and bonding to keep the buses rolling and the roads passable. Unless our leaders at the statehouse take action to fix RI's broken transportation financing, RIPTA could face cuts of up to 25% of service this year. We need to supplement and/or replace the gas tax with a sustainable funding source right now for the health of our economy and our environment. 
  • Re-Energizing our Economy: Our addiction to imported energy is a major threat to our prosperity. But by re-energizing our economy with a first-class public transportation system, we will ensure that more hard-earned Rhode Island dollars stay at home, in our economy, broadening the prosperity of all Rhode Islanders.
  • Energy Independence:  Energy is the leading import in our state. Yet, we act as if we have an unlimited supply. This makes us very dependent on energy imports whose prices we don’t get to control. But Rhode Island is so small, that we really have the opportunity to become much more energy independent by reducing our dependence on imported oil through cleaner transportation choices.
  • Transportation Choices: Rhode Islanders are locked in a bad deal shackled to the gas pump and stuck in traffic. If people had the freedom to choose how to get to work, school, or to run errands, our quality of life would be much greater and we could decide everyday to invest in our local economy. With greater transportation choices, Rhode Islanders can also choose to avoid owning a car and therefore be free of the associated costs of owning a car, including insurance, repairs, maintenance and fuel costs. Given our sense of independence, transportation choices would empower Rhode Islanders to dictate our own energy future.

Step Three: Fill out this short form to let us know you've sent a letter, and you're done! Thanks!


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