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How to change your password:

First, you need to be logged in to change your password. Click for info on how to log in.

1. Click on the My Dashboard link found in the upper right of the screen or on the footer of the page.

2. Click on the Edit My Profile link.

3. Click on the Change My Password link.

How to join a group:

Check out our groups on Climate Crossroads:

1. Click on the Join button.

2. You will be asked if you'd like to join the group, click Yes.

3. The next screen allows you to associate an action, recipe, or any other item you've set up in Climate Crossroads, to the group you just joined. If you do, check the items you would like to associate and click on the Add button.

4. If you do not want to associate an item, click on the Cancel button. You will still be added to the group if you click on the Cancel button.

How to create an action:

1. From, click on the Protect tab at the top.

2. Click on the Add an Action button.

3. Fill out the form on the next page - be sure to add a photo!

Once your action is created, you'll see it in your Dashboard, as well as under Recent Actions.

Other tips: How to change your settings | How to change your group settings

Anything else you want to know how to do, questions you have, problems with the site? Send an email to


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