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Coal Versus Renewables: Renewables taking off...

The End of the Coal Era is here - Help us Move to a Clean Energy Future

Communities around the country are saying "no" to dirty coal and "yes" to clean energy in unprecedented numbers. Since 2010, the Beyond Coal campaign has secured plans for retirements from more than 100 coal plants and clean energy sources like wind and solar are rapidly taking their place.

Become part of the story about how we ended coal:

... like Russell Seal of La Coste, TX, who worked with his community to retire San Antonio's Deely coal plant and start one of the largest solar power projects in the U.S.

... or Millie Magner, in Seattle, who joined the Beyond Coal Campaign’s work to retire the TransAlta coal plant and replace it with new clean energy jobs for the local community!

1 100 Coal Plants Retired: Michael Brune looks to the future as the Sierra Club marks its 100th plant retirement announcement.

0 Activists mark milestone for public health, clean air: Mary Anne Hitt gives us an overview of this victory and the Beyond Campaign's legacy.

0 Now let's give clean energy a boost: Check out our press release giving Sierra Club's official response.

We apologize, but this action is no longer available. Please visit our Action Center for current opportunities: www.sierraclub.org/takeaction

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