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PepsiCo's continued use of fuel from climate-killing tar sands, its tremendous oil consumption through its tens of thousands diesel-powered delivery trucks, and its advertising campaign centered around the slogan #LiveForNow make us wonder why Pepsi isn't thinking more about tomorrow -- the tomorrow we're leaving our children.

That's why we're launching the next phase in our Future Fleet campaign, where we ask PepsiCo and its CEO Indra Nooyi just that: #WhatAboutTomorrow? We're inviting parents, grandparents, and anyone, to be a part of our message to Pepsi by showing them whose futures we are fighting for.

Joining in is as easy as taking a photo of your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, Godchildren -- really anyone whose future you want to protect from climate change -- and posting it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Vine (if you want to make a video) using the instructions you can find above.

After you do that, we'll add your photo to the wall to send a powerful message to Pepsi: The future is important to us, so it's time to stop using dangerous tar sands fuel, to slash overall oil consumption, and to start thinking more about tomorrow.

Learn more about the campaign:

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Why tar sands?

Alberta's tar sands are one of the dirtiest sources of oil on the planet, and one of the most environmentally destructive industrial developments in the world. Mining, transporting and burning oil from tar sands puts our land, water and climate at risk. Learn more »

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Why Fleets?

American companies can play a big role in moving us away from fuel made from tar sands. Corporate and government fleets account for about 35 percent of transportation-related oil consumption. This includes a growing amount of fuel derived from tar sands. Learn more »

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Why soda companies?

Soda and snack companies own and operate some of the largest private carrier vehicle fleets in North America — together more than 100,000 cars and trucks — making them among the biggest private customers of oil. Because they have a large carbon footprint, they also have an opportunity to be leaders by ditching fuel made from tar sands. Learn more »

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How can companies clean up their acts?

Companies with large fleets have sophisticated fueling operations, and most of them buy in bulk orders that allow them to make specific demands of suppliers. Companies can adjust contracts with fuel and transportation providers to require that their fuel comes from refineries that do not process tar sands. Learn more »

Check out our new report on how companies can reduce their use of toxic tar sands.

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