Not-so-secret ingredient: sugar; secret ingredient: tar sands.

Pepsi, Coca-Cola and other companies want to be seen as sustainable, but they still use fuel made from tar sands in their truck fleets. We're asking them to stop.

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Why tar sands?

Alberta's tar sands are one of the dirtiest sources of oil on the planet, and one of the most environmentally destructive industrial developments in the world. Mining, transporting and burning oil from tar sands puts our land, water and climate at risk. Learn more »

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Why Fleets?

American companies can play a big role in moving us away from fuel made from tar sands. Corporate and government fleets account for about 35 percent of transportation-related oil consumption. This includes a growing amount of fuel derived from tar sands. Learn more »

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Why soda companies?

Soda and snack companies own and operate some of the largest private carrier vehicle fleets in North America — together more than 100,000 cars and trucks — making them among the biggest private customers of oil. Because they have a large carbon footprint, they also have an opportunity to be leaders by ditching fuel made from tar sands. Learn more »

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How can companies clean up their acts?

Companies with large fleets have sophisticated fueling operations, and most of them buy in bulk orders that allow them to make specific demands of suppliers. Companies can adjust contracts with fuel and transportation providers to require that, whenever possible, their fuel comes from refineries that do not process tar sands. Learn more »

Check out our new report on how companies can reduce their use of toxic tar sands.

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About the campaign

Getting drinks and snacks to store shelves takes a lot of oil — in fact, the beverage industry is one of the biggest fossil fuel users in the United States. Right now, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo fuel their trucks with the dirtiest fuel on Earth — extreme oil derived from Canadian tar sands.

The soda industry's dirty secret ingredient is wreaking havoc on our air and water, wildlife, and a whole lot of people, including you: Tar sands poison local communities, and they're a massive source of climate pollution.

The Future Fleet campaign to get companies on the road to a climate solution is already catching on. Fifty-eight groups — representing millions of Americans and Canadians — delivered an open letter to major North American corporations asking them to reduce or eliminate their use of fuel from refineries using tar sands. Already, 19 major U.S. corporations have taken action.

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Tell Pepsi and Coca-Cola to stop contributing to the destruction of climate and water caused by tar sands. When they pledge to reduce their reliance on tar sands, they'll reduce the demand for this high-carbon fuel, and set an example for other companies. Take action now »