Not-so-secret ingredient: sugar; secret ingredient: tar sands.

Tell Pepsi to stop using fuel from water-poisoning tar sands!

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PETITION to PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi:

PepsiCo prides itself on your commitment to water stewardship. In particular, your company states, "We know that water is inherently local, so we strive to work on specific solutions for watersheds where we operate, to make more and better water available to local communities."

Yet PepsiCo's continued use of fuel made from tar sands tells a different story. Tar sands mining poisons vast amounts of water every day with ammonia, cyanide, arsenic and other known carcinogens, which are then dumped into massive leaky "lakes" of poisonous wastewater.

Significantly increased levels of these carcinogens have been found in watersheds as far as 50 miles away from the tar sands mining sites. Local indigenous communities have reported unusually high rates of rare types of cancer associated with these toxins, along with fish with severe deformities.

We urge you to show that PepsiCo's commitment to water is real, and to demonstrate that commitment by directing your company to stop using fuel made from tar sands in your tens of thousands of delivery vehicles. Other companies have already begun to source fuel from tar sands-free refineries and slash overall oil consumption -- and PepsiCo can do the same. When PepsiCo rejects tar sands, you will be exercising your power as an industry leader to protect human health and the climate. You will demonstrate a big step forward in water sustainability.

Check out our new report on how the tar sands industry poisons water and how companies can reduce their use of toxic tar sands or read our short factsheet on Pepsi and tar sands.


About the campaign

Getting soda to store shelves takes a lot of oil — in fact, the soda industry is one of the biggest fossil fuel users in the United States. Right now, Coke and Pepsi fuel their trucks with the dirtiest fuel on Earth — extreme oil derived from Canadian tar sands.

The soda industry's dirty secret ingredient is wreaking havoc on our air and water, wildlife, and a whole lot of people, including you: Tar sands poison local communities, and they're a massive source of climate pollution.

The Future Fleet campaign to get companies on the road to a climate solution is already catching on. Fifty-eight groups — representing millions of Americans and Canadians — delivered an open letter to major North American corporations asking them to reduce or eliminate their use of fuel from refineries using tar sands. Already, 19 major U.S. corporations have taken action.

Use the form above to tell the soda industry to stop using tar sands and raise the fuel efficiency of their fleet of 100,000+ cars and trucks.

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