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Virginia's Windfall

Sign our petition TODAY telling Dominion Virginia Power you want your electricity to come from Virginia's offshore wind farms.

Virginia's Windfall 

Harnessing the wind off Virginia's coast could provide enough energy to power 700,000 homes by the end of this decade. It's a clean, renewable resource right off our own shores, and the technology is available today.  With American manufacturing and utility financing, offshore wind power can be priced competitively with electricity from coal-fired power plants, without the enormous environmental and health costs.

Clean Energy Boosts Our Economy

The opportunities for job creation are huge.  Researchers estimate that an aggressive build-out of offshore wind farms would create over 10,000 well-paying jobs right here in the Commonwealth.  These are career-length jobs that can’t be exported overseas. With plentiful offshore winds, a deep water port and a skilled and experienced labor force, Virginia could easily be the East Coast capital for renewable energy. 

What's holding us back?

Virginia's utilities aren't investing in renewable energy.  And unfortunately, state energy policy favors dirty energy no matter its cost to health and the environment. Utility regulators do not consider the benefits associated with clean renewable energy or the destructive costs of burning dirty fossil fuels to get that power.

Virginia therefore lags behind other states, like New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, in the race to build offshore wind farms and to attract the clean energy businesses associated with them. 

We need to change this. Let's get this thing blowin'!

If Dominion, the utility giant whose service area covers much of Virginia, wanted to invest in offshore wind power, it would happen. Their influence with regulators is just that huge. As one of the nation's leading electric utilities, Dominion has all the know-how necessary to champion Virginia's clean energy future. The question is, will they? 

Here's how we can make a difference!

As residents of Virginia and customers of Dominion, we must demand that our largest utility company invest in Virginia offshore wind. Sign our petition TODAY telling Dominion you want your electricity to come from offshore wind farms. We'll make sure they get the message.

Thank you!

Sierra Club Virginia Chapter

For more information, contact Eileen Levandoski, Virginia Conservation Program Manager,

Virginia's Windfall

YES, Dominion! Virginia wants wind power.

To: Thomas Farrell, President and CEO, Dominion

Dear Mr. Farrell,

As one of your customers and a resident of Virginia, I demand that a significant amount of my electricity come from clean, renewable resources like offshore wind.  Harnessing the wind off Virginia’s coast could power 700,000 homes, create over 10,000 good jobs here in the Commonwealth, and make Virginia the hub for offshore wind manufacturing along the Atlantic coast.

I am very concerned that a large part of the electricity Dominion provides comes from dirty energy sources that pollute the air we breathe and the water we drink.  I’m also disappointed that what little renewable energy Dominion does provide Virginia customers comes from  pre-WWII hydro-dams and other out-of-state sources outsourcing the renewable energy jobs we need in Virginia to other states.  

Put a plan in place to build Virginia offshore wind NOW!

We look to Dominion, as one of the nation's leading electric utilities, to be a real leader and to champion clean energy in Virginia. Virginia has had a voluntary Renewable Energy Standard in place for more than four years and still, Dominion does not have one wind farm or solar facility in our state. We demand that you, our largest utility company, invest in offshore wind to create much-needed jobs and secure Virginia’s clean energy future.

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