Combating 'Drill Baby Drill' with Clean Energy Solutions

This Independence Day we can expect the chant of "Drill, Baby Drill" to be deafening. 

Last summer energy companies tried to trick the American people into believing that more offshore and domestic drilling was the answer to our energy challenges.  

This year, we have to make clear that Americans want CLEAN ENERGY, and NOT DRILLING - and for that we need YOU to be a vocal and active at July 4th events by posting flyers, holding signs, talking to folks about clean energy, and collecting signatures for our petition.

With your help, we can finally let the legislators in Washington hear the true will of the American people.

Here are some materials to help you spread the word at local Independence Day Events:

  • Petition: To collect signatures and urge your Senators to vote against any new offshore drilling. (pdf)
  • Offshore Fact Sheet: Why offshore drilling is not the answer (pdf)
  • Brochure: A more in-depth analysis of the dangers of drilling. (pdf)
  • Offshore Drilling Talking Points: Some great messaging and talking points for engaging with folks about our petition. (pdf)
  • Flyer: Proudly displaying the message "DON'T RIG AMERICA'S CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE."  (pdf)
  • Posters:  Make a sign that says "DRILLING IS NOT THE ANSWER" or "DON'T RIG OUR FUTURE".
We apologize, but this action is no longer available. Please visit our Action Center for current opportunities:
Click here to learn more about the hearing in Seattle and sign up!Click here to learn more about the hearing in Arlington and sign up!Send your comment to the EPA and support their finding on endangerment.Watch our video and find out more about our Big Picture campaign.

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