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01/04/2015  I worked as an attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice (Janet Reno was AG), then taught English and social studies in D.C. public high schools; I now coach new teachers getting certified under the auspices of three different programs. I typically canvass for local elections (Virginia has one every year), and have done advocacy on gun violence prevention. I will be out of the country in January, but accessible by email:
04/19/2015  I'm primarily interested in renewable energy, conservation and environmental issues. I'm a member of the Master Naturalists group, a former wildlife rehabilitator and a tiny house owner/builder sporting a new grid-tied solar system!
03/13/2011  I'd love to help out in any area that is more behind the scenes. Would prefer to not have to be involved with the public too much on a direct basis.
03/14/2011  I've been working in real estate law and title underwriting in VA for over 25 years. I have a talent for digging out issues and finding solutions. I'm very good with software and have been working with MS Office for years. I was a member of the local Appalacian Trail Club and only work interference has kept me from being more involved there. It has been hard for me to attend meetings. I have some physical limitations but that doesn't keep me from being an enthusiastic investigator and researcher.
04/18/2011  I am retired from full-time college teaching, am a poet and fiction writer, and a volunteer tutor for the Northern Virginia Literacy Council.
04/09/2012  i recently sent a letter to the editor about increased use of renewables. because of a family commitment i couldn't go to the sierra club seminar in richmond in march 24th and 25th but would be interested in how i could be of help. when i'm in va. (i visit my son and his family often) i would like to help out on these very important environmental issues.
10/09/2012  I am a current 3L at William and Mary Law School and a co-president of the Environmental Law Society there. If you have any volunteer opportunities for groups, I'd love to hear about those as well and try to get my group involved.
03/13/2011  I am the current outings chair for the Chesapeake Bay Group but am getting reading to move to the New River Valley group. I am extremely interested in outings & mountain top removal coal mining.
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04/14/2012  I am a retired chemical engineer. I am interested in promoting sustainable practices. In the last few years I have helped with neighborhoods/communities to raise awareness about global warming and the need for implementing energy efficient practices.
03/12/2013  I was a field organizer this past election. I have a knack for recruitment and marketing.
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03/13/2011  I grew up just outside of San Francisco with a love for the outdoors that has never left. While living and sailing in Chicago I gained a greater appreciation for the commercialization of energy efficient development and have a passion for merging hopes and dreams with practical production. After studying Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University I moved out here to Hampton to start work as a researcher in materials at the NASA Langley Research Center. I'd like to get involved, but don't really know where to start...
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04/09/2012  love nature and animals. frustrated by pr spin and the gop/tea publicons
03/13/2011  Ronald L. Figg, PE EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Project Development and Operations Project Controls Management Professional Engineering services Power Purchase and Operating Agreement Development and negotiations Product Development and Material Standards including installation methods Engineering and Construction Management Transmission facility routing and design Transmission and distribution system studies Power system reliability and security QA & QC evaluations covering equipment and system operations Supply Chain Evaluations & Expediting Claims Negotiations Litigation Support
03/14/2011  I'm a teacher and am trying to get my students more aware of the problems and solutions. I also volunteer at the aquarium in order to help promote envirommental awareness.
10/12/2014  I would be most comfortable doing "behind the scenes" not want to do direct contact/public speaking/etc. For example, I have been doing data entry on recent political campaigns (Obama, Mark Warner, etc.) but do not want to do phone banking or canvassing. I am fairly busy between now and the first of the year, but would like to get more involved in 2015.
03/13/2011  I really want to end Mountain Top Removal for coal. I believe we could get lots of energy from offshore wind turbines. I love nature and all my nature loving friends.
10/25/2010  Amazing ability to annoy teenaged daughters.
03/13/2011  I currently work full time for DoD, so my time is somewhat limited to evenings and weekends. I am an educational specialist in this current life. I was formerly (and remain) a Registered Nurse, and I am retired from the Navy.
03/13/2011  I have lots of time and very few skills.
05/01/2012  I am Aanal Shah Vora, an Urban Planning graduate and an Architecture Designer. At present I am working as a full-time Planning Intern at Buffalo Place, Inc in Buffalo, NY. In the last week of June I am moving to Newport News, VA along with my husband. I am looking for an internship opportunity in Hampton Roads region. Furthermore, currently I'm studying for LEED GA exam and in future i'm planning to be a LEED AP. Currently, I'm a member of Sierra Club Western New York Chapter. Since, I share a similar interest and background, I want to apply for internship opportunity with Sierra Club Virginia Chapter. Please feel free to write me on or call me on my cellphone number (716) 986 4160. I would be happy to provide references. Thank you. Sincerely, Aanal.
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12/20/2010  I am a senior at Virginia Commonwealth university studying biology and chemistry. I have experience phone banking and political volunteer work but would also like to be involved in hands on and outdoor projects
04/08/2012  I am a grandma (abuelita). I am good talking to people, a team player. I am extremely concerned about our environment. I want to learn facts, and would be willing to write letters. I am willing to work and learn. Hope that my schedule will work with yours. Please do call me.
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06/14/2011  Residing in the southwestern region of Virginia, I've been aware of the environmental impact of the coal industry for two decades. My field of expertise involves technical writing, grant specialist in technical procurement and logistics. My interests include promoting clean up initiatives in the Central Appalachian coal fields.
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03/13/2011  Teacher for 32 years. Have my own tutoring business. Website: Am a writer and musician. Love Mother Earth! Want to pass on the Love to the next generation. Organizing and accomplishing basic goals is the only way to beat Big Brother and his destructive ways.
11/22/2010  I would like to get involved by first finding out more information about current local issues, and then possibly get into volunteering wherever I can help.
10/25/2010  I'm an Intranet manager and Mom of 2 young children. I'm seeking occassional opportunities to help with efforts to promote sustainability/environmental best practices.
10/27/2010  I have 5 years experience in nonprofit fundraising and event planning.
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11/08/2010  I am only 16 years old but i very interested and driven to keeping our environment clean and protecting the earth. I have participated in activities in and out of school to keep the planet clean. I was part of the ecology and key club at my high school, which both take pride in a clean and safe environment. I would love to volunteer my time with the sierra club.
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11/09/2010  I have a strong interest in all parts of the environmental community and with a biology background I have some knowledge of how easily the environment can be disrupted; so I have made an effort to reduce my own environmental impact by recycling, composting, and lowering my thermostat to 59. I have computer skills with solid Excel spreadsheet experience and good organizational ability as well as a willingness to be "boots on the ground". Please consider me for any volunteer opportunities that you feel I might be qualified for, Thank You-- Mary Tokarz
12/01/2010  I have been an admirer of Sierra Club, its efforts, and members since I was in college. I am a new member and am looking for ways to make a contribution.
11/23/2010  I am currently enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University, studying for a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. I attained my associates in Social Science from Thomas Nelson Community College. My career goals extend within a pre-law curriculum, and my interests involve Environmental Law and Animal Rights/Law. I presently live in an apartment community that does not partake in recycling program. Such situations compel me to fight for new policy proposals, and interest me in further action to voice concern. I would enjoy being part of an influential group that has similar ideals. If you would like to formally review my resume, and if you are interested in my help, please contact me with the contact info. provided. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thanks, Parrish Padgett
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11/24/2010  I have experience working in the public eye, and would love to use my skills to motivate people on a grassrotes level. Global warming is the moral dilemma of our generation. I would love to use my efforts to raise awareness of our environmental crisis.
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03/13/2011  I am a nature photographer/graphic designer, musician, writer who would like to help. I keep up vigorously with science news so I feel I am very well suited to address environmental issues. I feel very strongly about this apparent 'war' between ultra-right conservatives and those of us who care deeply for human, animal and environmental rights... I will forward a link to a page with my photographs and art work which you can use if you so desire and if it is helpful... Peace and blessings. -David Messersmith
12/15/2010  I am a biological science technician for the National Park Service and am interested in learning more about how our two organizations can work together within or around the George Washington Memorial Parkway in the future!
12/20/2010  My name is Niani Bell and I am 18 years old. I currently attend Varina High School and will be majoring in Environmental Science. I always felt a connection to nature and dreamed of making that a career choice.
01/03/2011  I would like to help restore the bay and VA. habitats but I have no experience in the sciences. I look forward to your response. Thanks.
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04/10/2012  I am a college graduate with a bachelor degree in Architecture. I work in a construction company and am interested in cleaner and renewable construction process. I believe in helping with preventing global warming.
01/23/2011  My name is Lieutenant Jared Victorius and I am a Naval Science professor at Virginia Military Institute. I am a 2006 U.S. Naval Academy grad and have been on active duty in the Navy for the past 5 years. My grandfather, Claus Victorius, who recently passed away, was very passionate about his work with the Sierra Club in Pennsylvania and I would like the opportunity to help out in any way I can to continue his work. I am especially interested in renewable energy and have many skills that could be an asset to the club in my area, from communication and leadership to the willingness to get my hands dirty to assist. I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to helping in any capacity that I can.
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01/31/2011  I love the environment and i want to help protect it. I want to volunteer and if i really like it i want to become a member. I really hope i get to experience everything you guys do.
03/13/2011  I await for my premium due(rucksack) PRIOR to ANY commitments. Cathy
02/24/2011  I recently moved to the Northern Virginia area from Austin, Texas. Currently, I am not working and am seeking opportunities to become involved in organizations that I am passionate about and could utilize my knowledge/skills. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Geology. I have over five years of experience working as a Geologist for the Texas Department of Transportation. Working for TxDOT allowed me to gain a vast amount of knowledge in the engineering realm as well as increased my desire to protect the environment. Outside of my work experience, on a personal level, I am an outdoor enthusiast. Trying to spend as much time outdoors exploring and encouraging others to do the same is a great passion of mine. As well as enjoying the outdoors for my many hobbies (Trail running, cycling, hiking, ect..) I am adamant about protecting a preserving the outdoors/our environment. Many years ago, in High School, I was the Vice President of our Energy and Environment program. Assisting in the management of this program and achieving many goals to successfully make our school more environmentally conscientious was highly rewarding. I would like to participate/volunteer with Sierra Club in any fashion to obtain that same gratification. I greatly thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, Stephanie Bleich
03/17/2011  I hold a master licence in hvac and have worked in the field for 16 years. We work for a handful of builders but for the most part we do very little construction work. The few homes we work in during construction are of the highest quality in our area. One builder in particular builds 4K square foot homes that boast a utility cost under $100. Using these same practices in all new homes and in upgrading existing residences would make a big impact. In addition new/unused methods of testing homes are gaining awareness creating a new market in our industry. Blower door testing and whole house diagnostics can reduce your household consumption drastically. Providing this testing is profitable for contractors, a good investment for homeowners and greatly reduces energy consumption. We just have to get the word out!! In combination with the use of renewable energy this is the first step in reducing our energy dependency.
03/09/2011  I am a college student in southern VA, but I live with my family in northern VA so I am able to help in both areas. I am especially interested in going to speakers who present new ideas about how to get our country more environmentally sustainable and how to stay that way.
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03/12/2011  Hello I am Cristina,I am form Spain. I am an engineer and I am working in an renovable company (Gamesa). I was a volunteer in Spain all my live so I want to continue doing something similar here if it is possible. Thank you very much. I would like to help this team.... Please, for me it would be great if you will contact me by mail because It is more easy for me than by phone (meetings, work...) Thank you! I am waiting your answer! Thanks
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03/14/2011  Work a government attorney in Washington. Formerly worked as an enforcement attorney with the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Los Angeles.
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03/21/2011  I am currently a senior at the university of Mary Washington and am majoring in Biology. I am looking to volunteer in areas dealing with environmental conservation and natural habitat maintenance.
04/26/2011  I'm currently a rising sophomore at the George Washington University (DC) double majoring in International Environmental Policy and Environmental Studies, looking to begin making a positive impact in my community and yearning for dynamic work experience within the field of environmental protection. My primary interests lie in sustainable energy, making a push towards greener, more efficient means of living, along with green transportation, a conscious effort to increase awareness of and eventually yield the extraction of fossil fuels which are both damaging to the environment and highly limited. I have significant writing/social media management experience, serving as the Freshman Representative & PR Representative of the Japanese American Student Alliance at my College, and have an extensive background in community service, ranging from my experiences as a young cub scout cleaning highways to my high school experiences rebuilding homes in marginalized neighborhoods of both Petersburg, VA and Charlotte, NC.
05/06/2011  My interest comes from wanting a career in clean energy and wanting to benefit from the resources of hands on experiences offered in Virginia.
05/20/2011  I am sixteen and a sophmore in high schol. My science classes have shown me how important the enviroment really is. I want to learn more, and do whatever I can to protect it. I am an honor roll student at Ocean Lakes High School. The oil spill was a big disaster, which affected our oceans. Since I live on the beach, I would hate to lose our beautiful beaches. That is one specific topic, That I would love to help and learn more about.
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06/08/2011  I'm currently a student at Johns Hopkins working on my master's in environmental studies and policy where I have studied various issues related to renewable energy, biodiversity, and the complexity of global climate change. I currently volunteer with the Arlington County Department of Envrironmental Services as a stream monitor and am interested in additional opportunities to contribute to the conservation and preservation of species and lands.
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07/13/2011  My priority is trying to close the GenOn Potomac River Coal Plant as soon as possible! Let me know how I can get involved to make this happen.
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04/08/2012  I have a BA in Business and Economics and working on my Master in Intenational and Social Policy. Member of the Voice of Vietnamese America (VVA); 13 years work experience with private and deleloping organization working on social and infrastructure development and legal issues (as a paralegal). I speak English,Spanish, Italian and learning Arabic. Volunteer at the hospice; aquatics to assist patients with physical disabilities; and volunteer for the Northern Virginia Democrats. For more information upon request I can send my CV. ThanK you very much.
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08/10/2015  I'm a Computer Engineering student who graduated from UVA and I work as a web developer for a government contractor. I'm also an aspiring materials science student who is looking to go to graduate school and conduct research regarding developing renewable energy technologies. The physical and earth sciences are a big interest area of mine.
04/10/2012  I am a Kenyan, I PhD. Lecturer in Kenya. For the last two years i have been supporting sierra club. Kindly in Kenya we use postal code insteady of zip code. Thank you for everything you do in support of sierra club.your Actions are truly appreciated.
01/21/2012  Im an undergraduate student majoring in political science at Old Dominion University. I've spent the last two years compiling research on water conservation and usage in Canada, China, and the United States. Concentrating mainly on North America, I've come to realize that water conservation is severely over looked as a pressing issue, due to the state of the economy and media coverage of issues such as global warming. Im interested in getting involved with the organization to promote water conservation and other issues, as well as volunteering some of my time in order to better understand the workings of lobbyist, PAC's, and environmental policy. Im not necessarily wanting an internship, rather just trying to get involved at a local level with the Chesapeake Bay Group.
04/02/2012  I am interest in topics like resource recycling, wilderness protection and so on. I have been volunteer of a NGO about helping developing areas for nearly two years. As I myself am from China where there are lots of such issues, I really want to learn more and try to make my contributions as much as possible.
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06/09/2012  I am currently an International Social Justice major at Virginia Commonwealth University, with my main focuses being on environmental and food ethics. I am experience in all office tools and computers, as well as a proficient writer.
06/13/2012  Hi, I just moved to VA from CT. I work for the Federal Government as a researcher. I have a PhD in social psychology from Yale, BA in psychology and history from Cornell. My skills include research (qualitative and quantitative, including survey design, data collection and analysis), writing, public speaking, teaching, training, and facilitating. I have experience in consulting and project management. I love the outdoors and I am very committed to protecting our environment. I am a big fun of the Sierra Club and I'd love to use my skills to help its mission. Thanks, Agata
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04/09/2013  Hi Sierra Club, I am a performance artist, in Richmond Va. I worked in film and television, and theatre for 15 years. I am most interested in art that matters, in and art for change. I have an aerial dance troupe, Host of Sparrows, and teach aerial dance classes. I also work at Dogtown Dance Theatre in Manchester, and run a community flash mob troupe. The Dogtown Mobsters will be at the Electric Slide event and we are teaching the steps 11am-12pm to the day of your event, free and open to the community in support of clean energy. I also would like to talk to someone about some performance art ideas, and community projects. Who would be the best person for a conversation like that? Thank you so much for your time and all that you do, Heather Bailey Host of Sparrows Dogtown Mobsters Dogtown Dance
12/08/2014  I would wish for there to be more of an opportunity to access resources that local companies and any state organization disposes of to benefit recycling initiatives and work towards preserving the lives of animals in plants in the areas currently uninhabited by humans. I would like to encourage a consideration where people plant trees to compensate for what they cut down and take small steps to help the ecosystem.
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02/27/2011  I'm a graphic designer with a longterm interest in environmental issues and clean energy promotion
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09/14/2012  I have worked for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in Washington DC. I am interested in environmental work and am a dedicated advocate for nature preservation, national resource management, and pollution control. I am currently a student at VCU. Thank you Sarah Barakat
10/14/2012  I would like this more for my niece and grandson than I.
10/11/2012  I currently teach biology and AP environmental science at a local high school. I also sponsor the schools environmental advocates club. I love being outdoors and would love to do anything I can to help!
11/09/2012  I am currently attending Tidewater Community College for an associates in Science then majoring in Environmental Science. I really want to find somewhere to volunteer to make a difference and get some good experience as well. I'm very motivated to protecting and preserving our environment.
11/11/2012  I am senior at James Madison High School. I am taking an Environmental Science and Government class and would like to help out.
07/14/2013  Environmental issues and policies have been a primary focus of my education at George Mason University. I would like to put my knowledge and research skills to good use by working with the Sierra Club, first as a volunteer and later as a career. I care deeply for the planet and all life on it. I look forward to working with you to make a more environmentally responsible future.
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09/24/2012  I graduated from the University of Miami in December 2010 with a major in Marine Affairs and a minor in Political Science. I have a keen interest in marine and environmental conservation, natural resource management and climate change. I have research experience from the Bimini Biological Field Station where I spent one summer researching indigenous shark populations. I currently work for an advertising agency in Virginia Beach as the head of their social media department. My boss has given permission to volunteer a portion of my time to helping your organization. I have extensive experience in the creation and management of numerous social media outlets for businesses including blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Stumble Upon, Delicious, Digg, Pinterest and Flickr.
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02/19/2013  I would be most interested in writing. As an environmental consultant working for mostly private companies, I have learned how to frame and communicate environmental issues in a way that is accessible and persuasive. I am also a bit of a policy wonk - anything to do with energy policy is appealing to me. Finally, I have a bit of expertise on energy efficient buildings (I am LEED certified, and have worked with a variety of developers).
03/20/2013  When I was on the 4h club in grade school, my dad found me on the highway collecting trash. Also we were the first people are our block to start recycling. My dad uses solar power in africa, and I want to learn more about being of help where there is real need. Last year I was a fellow for President Obama, and a key volunteer for senator Tim Kaine, I just do not want to stop being in action.
04/04/2013  Hello! I am a local teacher interested in becoming more active in my community- especially with issues related to climate change and turning Richmond green. I would also like to gain more knowledge with environmental policies. I have always regarded the Sierra Club very highly and would enjoy working with this organization in the future. Thank you for your time! Michelle Cypher
11/08/2013  I have previously worked on behalf of the Sierra Club Clean Air Defense Campaign last year as a canvasser within my local community. I also have volunteered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation - Clean the Bay for the last three years. I am interested in volunteering more within my local Sierra Club chapter.
04/17/2013  As of May 10th I will be graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Anthropology, a B.A. in International Studies and a minor in Economics. Although I do not have any experience with environmental issues in particular, I am very interested in pursuing a higher education in resource management and promoting sustainable international development. I would really love to help in any capacity needed. The Sierra Club would give me valuable experience and education on issues such as renewable energy and green transportation, among others.
04/18/2013  I am very concerned about the air quality in VA, and I am interested in trying to get the DMV in Hampton Roads to require emissions inspections on the vehicles here. I have no idea where to begin, but I am willing to do anything to have this happen. I am from California originally, and I am not used to breathing in all of these emissions. I can't understand why one of the most populous areas in the country has such lax standards. Please let me know where to start to accomplish my goal! Thank you, Amanda
04/05/2012  This is a test
04/24/2013  I have been in the broadcasting industry (radio announcer) for about 20-years; as well as Promotions, Marketing, Journalism and Event Planning experience. I am passionate about the natural world-the environment and wildlife. I am looking direct my career towards conservation and preservation...I would like to begin with volunteering.
11/10/2013  Currently, I am a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University completing my B.S. in Chemical Engineering. I have conducted a variety of research in the fields of environmental sustainable alternatives. I am experienced in MS Excel's Visual Basic Application. I am interested in preserving our ecosystem in anyway possible!
06/06/2013  Hello! My name is Jordan Carroll. I am a rising senior at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Chemical and Life Science Engineering. I would like to apply what I have learned these past years to a real life setting and promote a more sustainable future. Although I have only one year remaining in Richmond, the Sierra Club's values are very important to me and I hope to support them for years to come! Any feedback would be appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you.
06/07/2013  I recently graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a B.A. in history and English. I am very interested in environmental preservation and conservation, and I would most like to help with tasks that involve writing, which is one of my strengths. I have no experience working with an organization like the Sierra Club, but having studied a great many issues that humanity faces, I am interested in staying better informed about current issues and really working toward making a difference through this group.
09/08/2013  I am currently a junior at VCU. I'm in an international social justice class and am required to attend two planning sessions for an event and then attend the event so I can write a paper about the experience. I have a cumulative GPA of 3.83 and have worked as a legal assistant for the past four years. I have great office skills and am very dedicated and committed, although I do have many other obligations currently. This semester, I just need to fulfill the requirement for my class but I may be interesting in getting more involved in the future.
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10/19/2013  I have recently become passionate about clean energy, green transportation and other environmental issues. I want to connect with an organization so that I can learn more about these topics - there's so much information out there! I also want to contribute my time and efforts to promoting environmental initiatives and helping bring change that will eventually solve problems locally and nationally. While on the Washington, DC Solar and Green Homes Tour earlier this month, a resident recommended your club. I have the energy and drive but would like the focus, guidance, education and connection with like-minded, intelligent people. I have a background in event planning, community relations, customer service and sales. I want to learn new skills relating to grassroots campaigns, affecting public policy, advocacy and organizing awareness campaigns and rallies. I look forward to getting involved in either the Mount Vernon Chapter or the Great Falls Chapter, depending on which serves my community. Thank you!
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01/07/2014  I am a retired university administrator/professor (VCU, Marshall Univ, StonyBrook) who wants to get involved with environmental issues. I am open to getting involved on many different levels.
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01/08/2015  I am a new resident to Charlottesville VA. PLEASE tell me how to engage in opposing the Dominion Pipeline! I am a veteran public relations specialist and an excellent public speaker. Let me help! I am attending this Saturday's Charlottesville lunch with GOV Mc Auliffe and state Senator C. Deeds. I will let the Gov know I OPPOSE the pipeline! Best, Missy Snelling
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02/28/2014  Currently, I teach preschool and kindergarten at a Montessori school. I hold a degree in Political Science and a minor in Environmental Science. I am extremely passionate about animal welfare and protecting their habit. I have grave concerns for global warming and want to help continue to make more of a positive difference in the world. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from the Sierra Club team.
06/08/2014  I can write well, help with foundation fundraising, and/or help with local (no. Va.) events.
06/09/2014  I can write, cook, clean, make music, paint, organize, and garden. My interests are that of yoga, sustainability, biodynamic farming, music, and community service.
09/04/2013  I have never officially volunteered with an environmental group before, but I consider myself extremely eco-friendly and I feel strongly about environmental issues. I would like to start attending events that promote environmental awareness, stop developments in the wrong direction, and help show public support for a more sustainable world.
09/10/2014  Also have a home in richmond virginia and split my time
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10/16/2014  I am very interested in organic food and sustainable energy. I would like to live in an EarthShip when I grow up and I would love to help in improving the efficient means of energy production which already exist, as well as finding more uses and prime locations to place windmills, solar panels, water wheels, etcetera. I love this planet and everything that lives on it and I want to help it bloom and grow!
11/27/2014  I am currently a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in Political Science and a member of Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity. I would be interested in participating wherever the Sierra Club Virginia Chapter needs the most help or where I would be most suitable! I have political knowledge, skills in writing formal letters or papers, public speaking, fundraising, and communication among others! I would prefer to be contacted by phone. Thank you for your time, Patrick Feldman
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08/11/2015  I am currently an intern for Shelly Simmonds campaign for delegate in the 94th district. Starting Grad school at ODU this fall.