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Take Action: Vote Today! -- Read more. Take Action: Vote Today!

It's Election Day and we want you to vote! Don't know where your polling place is, or where your local candidates stand on energy or environmental issues? Let us know you're voting then get out and vote!


Climate Disruption: When It Hits Home -- Read more. Climate Disruption: When It Hits Home

"I've been working on solutions to the climate crisis for a long time, but I never really expected that it would hit home for me quite the way it did this week. The small town where I grew up, Chadwick Beach, NJ, and where my parents still live, was one of the many in the direct path of the superstorm Sandy."

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune discusses Sandy and climate disruption in his latest column.

Grassroots Activism: Against the Dirty Status Quo in Oklahoma -- Read more. Grassroots Activism: Against the Dirty Status Quo in Oklahoma

Sierra Club Oklahoma staff and volunteers are a hard-working group fighting to transition the state away from dirty coal and to clean energy.

Life gets a little bit harder when a major utility fights this change tooth and nail, though. Learn more in this column from Sierra Club Conservation Director Sarah Hodgdon.

Grassroots Activism: Committed to Protecting the San Juan Islands -- Read more. Grassroots Activism: Committed to Protecting the San Juan Islands

Earlier this month close to 20 people including Sierra Club members, veterans, and other local conservation leaders toured some of Washington's San Juan Islands as part of a Sierra Club Outing.

Participants explored the wind-whipped prairie, westward shores, and geological wonders the short hike offered. The group also learned more about how these islands are a proposed national monument and deserve permanent protection.

Learn more on the Lay of the Land blog.

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