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Take Action: End the Obstruction in the Senate Take Action: End the Obstruction in the Senate

Air and water safeguards don't mean anything if they aren't enforced. Right now, all throughout the country, many of the positions that were created to ensure polluters and big corporations are held accountable to our laws are vacant.

The Environmental Protection Agency without a permanent leader; labor laws going unenforced; a toothless Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- all because of outdated rules in the U.S. Senate that allow a reckless handful of senators to block almost every nominee submitted by the president.

Earlier this year, a compromise was supposed to this problem -- but critical jobs and judgeships remain vacant nationwide, and vital legislation is derailed every day without even a vote.

Take Action
Sign our petition now to ask Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to stop the obstruction!

Take Action: Tell the World Bank to Stop Financing Coal Take Action: Tell the World Bank to Stop Financing Coal

As Christiana Figueres, the United Nations' top climate official, recently observed, it is "no longer necessary" for the World Bank to rely on coal in its energy projects. It's time for the World Bank to stop funding dirty coal plants and focus instead on providing clean energy solutions that address the needs of the world's poor.

Take Action
Tell World Bank President Dr. Jim Yong Kim to invest in clean energy projects.

Grassroots Activism: Thank You for Your Comments Grassroots Activism: Thank You for Your Comments

More than 28,000 people submitted online comments to the U.S. Forest Service last month encouraging the agency to prioritize clean water and climate mitigation as it develops management plans for the future.

Thank you for telling the Forest Service to make sure our forests survive climate disruption and continue protecting the water resources they provide!

Grassroots Activism: Coal Ash for Breakfast? Grassroots Activism: Coal Ash for Breakfast?

Missouri Beyond Coal activists in St. Louis held a great public event last week. Residents from three different coal-affected communities came out to utility Ameren Corporation's headquarters for a petition delivery and press conference.

Ameren is proposing three new coal ash landfills and justifying them by hiring an "expert" toxicologist who claims that kids can safely consume coal ash every day. The community residents near the proposed landfills prepared a tasty breakfast buffet to offer up to the Ameren executives -- would they let their own families eat coal ash?


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